·      BioTrackTHC

o   BioTrackTHC has developed software for complete tracking of cannabis from seed to patient

o   BioTrackTHC is the backbone of the Washington State Traceability System, tracking 100% of product, seed to sale, in Washington State

o   BioTrackTHC is used by Uruguay to track 100% of the product throughout the country

·      Tracking

o   All product is capable of being tracked via barcoding, including:

o   Seed

o   clone

o   Vegetative plants

o   Flowering plants

o   Harvested product

o   Waste material

o   All other forms of product  

·      The following product data will be gathered upon intake and after any processing or variation, including:

o   Producer name, location, entity, contact info, etc.

o   Type (cola, flower, trim, shake, concentrate, extract, etc.)

o   Strain characteristics (indica/sativa/hybrid)

o   Strain name

o   Growth environment (outdoor, greenhouse, etc.)

o   All product is photographed and weighed (grams)

·      All processes are tracked from receiving to sale, including:

o   Lab testing

o   Processing (trimming, separating, batching)

o   Packaging

o   Distribution/delivery/wholesale

o   Sale to patient

·      Lifecycle tracking

o   All barcodes are linked between receiving, processing and distribution

o   A final gram sold to a patient can be tracked to the original grower, through each process, packaging and any other modification

·      Employees

o   All employees, collective members and anyone else who touches product is tracked and logged at each process, including:

o   Receiving

o   Processing

o   Lab testing (and sampling)

o   Packaging and distribution (wholesale and retail

·      Regulatory requirements

o   BioTrackTHC meets or exceeds all local, state and federal requirements for tracking product

o   BioTrackTHC has reporting to comply with all Building Department, Fire Department, Sheriff Office of Security and all County health and safety codes and regulations.

·      Reporting

o   BioTrackTHC offers pre-­built and customizable reports with access to all data