Below is the online application for First MC Processing, LLC.  ( scroll down) Just fill in the information and hit submit and it will come right to us. There is no need to print the application!


You can also print an application and mail it. ( CLICK HERE) Whichever is easiest.

We will need this application prior to your product intake.
Product intake is by appointment ONLY.  We will have our phone soon!

We also require an Confidential Tax Return Form. ( click here) This form can be completed at the time of product intake and is kept in a separate secure location.

Please note we will still require a copy of your drivers license and 215 doctor recommendations. So don't forget to mail copies to 1271 Evergreen #814 Redway, CA 95560


Application for Grow Membership in First MC Processing, LLC

A Grow Representative must be an individual.  The Grow Representative is the exclusive contact between First MC Processing LLC (“MC Processing”) and the Grow Membership in the collective.  Confidential tax reporting information relating to a Grow Membership is separately collected and maintained in order to preserve the confidentiality of this information.  The Representative of a Grow Membership is the owner, member, partner, officer or other duly authorized representative of the collective medical cannabis grow admitted to membership in MC Processing