All flower photos courtesy of Kym Kemp

Commitment. Purity. Potency.

Committed to  Authentic Humboldt is the best way to describe First MC Processing and our passion for purity and potency as a wholesale provider of medical cannabis.

100% of our products are sourced from sungrown, heirloom absolutely authentic Humboldt flowers, grown under obsessive control (nearly OCD!) conditions to achieve consistently high quality in every gram.

All product is tracked precisely to meet the high requirements of California law and federal guidelines. In addition to on-site testing, we employ rigorous and impartial third party firms to test and to make certain all of our products meet the highest standards.

We utilize only pharmaceutical grade solventless CO2 extraction. We never use harmful solvents. Ever. This sophisticated extraction process results in a consistent product, increasingly recognized for its effectiveness and safety.

When you choose First MC as your wholesale source, you  will feel confident that all of your CO2 extracted medical marijuana products consistently deliver the highest quality medicine for patients each time and every time.  That’s our mission and we stand by it.